Paint &Surface Coating

Paint &Surface Coating


Salts Spray Test

Impact Test/ Pressure Test

Adhesion test

Resistance to Humidity

Pull Off Test

Heat Resistance

Resistance to Liquids

Volume solid

Flash Point

Gloss Value


Drying Time

Water Content

Volatile Organic Matter

Coating Thickness  (DFT)


Paints, varnishes & coating materials has widespread applications in automobile industries, building, electrical & electronic components, infrastructural units, industrial equipments & military warfare’s as anticorrosion property & aesthetic requirements.

Application of paints on metals, wood & cementious materials prolongs their service life to very high extend.

In order to understand the protection properties & anti-corrosion properties, the paints are required to be tested critically.

Accelerated testing to ensure prolonged shelf life has to be carried out on paints & surface coatings. In this direction protection against corrosion test, salts spray test & weather metric evaluation are very important.

To understand application properties of the paints & evaluation of paint films adhesion test, drying time, gloss test, impact test, resistance to liquid has their own importance.