Adhesives – APC’s

Adhesives – APC’s


Bond Strength

Shear strength

Tensile Strength

Heat of Polymerization

Kinematic / Dynamic Viscosity


Gelation Time

Flexibility & Adhesion

Drop Point / Softening Point

Iodine Value

Inorganic Fillers

Volatile Matter / Non-Volatile Matter

Drying Time

pH of Aqueous Extract

Acidity / Alkalinity



A wide array of adhesives is used as a bonding agent/coating agent for various metallic, paper and plastic components. They need to be tested for adhesion, viscosity etc. before a product is used for the intended requirement.

Laminates, electronic devices, medical devices, packages, building materials use liquid adhesives, tapes, sealants etc. which requires quality checks i.e. adhesion, bond strength, peel strength etc. to confirm their end use suitability.

Heavy industries especially automobile industries need to understand the static and fatigue behavior of critical parts where adhesion is applied. Hence measurement of stiffness and strength of adhesive joints between rigid to rigid parts and rigid to flexible parts becomes of prime importance. Cyclic environmental testing of such a parts is very important.

Our laboratory is a pioneer in carrying out tests such as strength, stiffness, lap shear strength, peel strength, cyclic corrosion test & salts spray test.

Defense ammunition requires specialized adhesives which are generally based on shellac, bitumen, nitro-cellulose & various polymers. Considering their criticality they have their own specific test requirements.

Our laboratory is a pioneer in a testing i.e. evaluation of such as Ammunition Protective Compositions (APCs) critically to know their suitability as end-use applications.

Adhesives also require chemical assessment test such as Acidity, Alkalinity, Drying time, volatile matter, Ash, iodine value, etc.