Rubber & Plastic

Rubber & Plastic


Tensile Strength & Elongation

Hardness – Shore A & Shore D


Compression Strength

Compression Set

Tear Strength

Flammability Test

Polymer Identification

Total Sulphur

Free Sulphur


Water Absorption

Water Absorption

Chemical composition

Organic & Inorganic fillers


Testing plays a critical role in the life cycle of a polymer, from the raw material to the compound through to the semi-finished and finished product.  Each stage has different test requirements, and each end user may require a different test solution depending on their role, whether it is in Product Development (R&D), Quality Control (QC), Testing Services (TS), or Research (R).

At every stage of the manufacturing process, the materials are physically tested to various international standards. Chemical testing of polymers and plastics is required to ensure that a material is suitable for its intended application. Mechanical testing accurately measures the physical strengths of solid materials.

Kulkarni Laboratory & Quality Management Services provides Chemical & Mechanical testing of polymer & Plastic material to national & international standards like ASTM, BIS, DIN etc.

We also offer advice on the end-use suitability of materials based on test results.


Rubber Testing & analysis is one of the most important aspects for rubber and its components. Chemical and Mechanical Properties of rubber play important role in the selection of a type of rubber with respect to its application. Hence comprehensive rubber testing & analysis is required. Testing of rubber from its raw stage to finished product stage ensures the quality of rubber.

Rubbers like Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Styrene Rubbers & their compositions are being used in industrial requirements for Sleeves, gaskets, Belts, Conveyors, Vehicle tyres etc. During their use, mechanical and chemical properties have to be checked with respect to its application. Hence testing of these components before use is a very important requirement. Particularly the vulcanized rubber has to be tested for their aging properties i.e. the number of years the component can be used without losing its properties.

Kulkarni Laboratory & Quality Management Services is a pioneer in the testing of all types of rubber & their components for chemical and mechanical properties

We test Mats, Gaskets O rings, Sponges, Rubber with ply adhesion, Sleeves to assess their quality & suitability to the end use requirement using national and international specifications such as BIS, ASTM, CS, GOST, DIN, BS