Food & Water testing

Food & Water testing

Food Testing

Kulkarni Laboratory & Quality Management Services offering services to food and beverage manufacturers to maintain quality on their products which will help them keep a good reputation in the market. Our advanced technology will help you to keep your food safe and secure. Kulkarni Laboratory will help you to reduce the risk of government detainment of your products and food poisoning outbreaks. Kulkarni Laboratory is consistently providing best services to their clients like One-stop-Shop for food testing and analysis. All the food materials like sugars, bakery items, honey, beverages, oils, fats are tested in Kulkarni Laboratory.

For Food Testing, we are conducting Physical and Chemical Testing, Microbiological Testing and analysis and Nutritional Labeling and Value Analysis.


Water Testing

We offer Water Testing Services for the following industry:

-Packaged Drinking Water

-Water used in machine

-Bore-well Water

-Construction Water

-Cooling Tower / Industrial Process Water

-Input Boiler Water

-RO Water

-Swimming Pool

– Irrigation Water