Breaking Strength & Elongation

Tear Strength

Threads per unit area


Moisture content & Ash content

Fibre composition


The Textile materials used in various industries like Geo textile, Agro textile, Protective textile, Construction textile etc.
Textile materials though generally used for our day to day requirement which may not required high level of testing but when it goes to very important technical requirement such as Parachute, Threads & Tapes (e.g. Nylon), tyre cords, Pond liners, Jutes & Ropes, Filling of explosive charges in textile bags, Bandoliers for filling the cartridges for defence use which requires high mechanical strength. Their quality check for suitability considering the end use requirement is necessary.

Kulkarni Laboratory & Quality Management Services provides Chemical & Mechanical testing all types of textile material to national & International Specifications like ASTM, BIS, IND/ME