We have received NABL Accreditation. Starting milk adultration testing. Training process in the field of polymers, adhesives & food testing with the help of MCCIA, Pune & SEF group of MCCIA is in he pipeline.

Mrs Arti Paranjape

Head- Chemical Testing
She is core chemistry graduate with around 18 years of experience with reputed chemical laboratories like Doctors Analytical, Accurate testing lab. She is in charge of complete chemical testing, adhesive testing, rubber, plastics and other ingredient testing. She is having in depth experience in Metals, Alloys, Ores, Water, Semi solids likes sludge, Soils, Spices, Food grains, Ayurvedic products for purity, APC compounds, Testing of Nickel, Gold, Cyanide, plating solutions. She also maintain of calibration of necessary equipments in laboratory. She is master in handling of UV/Visible spectrophotometer Flame Photo meter etc.

Miss Prutha Ghongade

Chief Chemist - Chemical testing
She is having Masters Degree in Analytical chemistry from Pune University with around 8 years of experience as Chemist. She has experience with reputed organization like ARAI. (The Automotive Research Association of India). She is having mastery in various analytical Chemistry such as wet / dry chemistry techniques (manual and automatic titration, pH, viscosity, density, ash, moisture, organic content etc She is also capable of handling R&D projects with good hand in analytical chemistry. She also manages Adhesive, Rubber, Paint and Oil testing. She has proved laboratory competency as per ISO /IEC 17025 and aspects of internal audits.

Mrs Swati Ghadge

Chief Chemist: Chemical testing
She is having degree in pure chemistry with post graduation in Analytical chemistry. Her experience with manufacturing company to laboratory gives her advantage of understanding client's requirement better. She also handles complete analytical testing of rubber, plastics, Adhesive, paint etc. She was part of NABL accreditation process for chemical testing. She also has good hands on Flame photometer and various other analytical instruments.