We have received NABL Accreditation. Starting milk adultration testing. Training process in the field of polymers, adhesives & food testing with the help of MCCIA, Pune & SEF group of MCCIA is in he pipeline.
Chemical Testing

At Kulkarni Laboratory all the organic & inorganic chemicals are tested to national & international specifications. Our expertise area includes chemical analysis, identification of chemical composition and chemical contamination. Kindly refer our NABL accreditation for chemical testing and scope of the same.

With the help of well equipped lab our experienced chemist are giving best efforts for quality results for our clients and continuously maintaining our reputation in this industry.

When it comes to Chemical Testing and analysis following activities are carried out at Kulkarni Laboratory.

  • Chemical Quality and Purity
  • Analysis of Chemical Ingredients
  • Routine Testing and Non-routine testing
  • Identification of Chemical Impurities
Chemical Testing parameters are:

Moisture Total solids
Total ash Ash insoluble in acid/water
Acidity ,alcoholic acidity, pH Crude fiber, Dietary fiber
Invert sugar Saponification value
Refractive index Starch
Added colour Nitrogen
Reducing sugar Solvent solubility
Carbohydrate Protein
Vitamin A and C Iodine value
Fat content Aqueous Extract and Alcoholic Extract
Metal and Other trace Treatment: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Sodium, Potassium, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Zinc Plastic component testing, Polymer identification and development.