We have received NABL Accreditation. Starting milk adultration testing. Training process in the field of polymers, adhesives & food testing with the help of MCCIA, Pune & SEF group of MCCIA is in he pipeline.
Food Testing

Kulkarni Laboratories offering services to food and beverage manufacturers to maintain quality on their products which will help them keep a good reputation in the market. Our advance technology will help you to keep your food safe and secure. Kulkarni Laboratory will help you to reduce the risk of government detainment of your products and food poisoning outbreaks. Kulkarni Laboratory is consistently providing best services to their clients like One-stop-Shop for food testing and analysis. All the food materials like sugars, bakery items, honey, beverages, oils, fats are tested in Kulkarni Laboratory.

For Food Testing we are conducting Physical and Chemical Testing, Microbiological Testing and analysis and Nutritional Labeling and Value Analysis.

Chemical Testing parameters are:

Moisture Total solids
Ash insoluble in acid/water Acidity ,alcoholic acidity ,pH
Crude fiber, Dietary fiber Invert sugar
Saponification value Refractive index
Starch Fluoride
Added colour Nitrogen
Reducing sugar Solvent solubility
Carbohydrate Protein
Vitamin A and C Iodine value
Fat content Aqueous Extract and Alcoholic Extract
Metal and Other trace Treatment : Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Sodium, Potassium, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Zinc

Microbiological Testing parameters are

Total Plate count
Coli form count
Staph aureus
Yeast and spore count
Vibreo cholera
Vibreo parahemolyticus
Swab culture profile
Fecal Streptococci

Nutritional Facts (Per 100 gm or 100ml)

Total energy Kcal Total fats
Carbohydrates Protein
Saturated fatty acid Monounsaturated fatty acid
Poly unsaturated fatty acid Trans fatty acid
Dietary fiber Cholesterol
Vit. C Vit. A
Sodium Potassium
Phosphorus Calcium

We also conduct Milk and Milk Products testing and analysis. Following Test carried out for Milk and Milk product testing.

Chemical Testing parameters are:

Density pH
M.B.R. test Acidity
Fat content Solid not fat

Microbiological Test parameters are:

Total plate count Coli form count
E.coli Salmonella
Shigella Staph aureus
Yeast and mould count  

Microbiological testing and evaluation of plastics and polymers.
Kulkarni Laboratory provides a range of microbial tests to measure the changes caused to plastic and polymeric materials from bacteria and fungi microbes. We can determine and the resistance using this. We also offer food packaging analysis expertise includes food safety testing, quality assessment and control, problem solving and support.

Kulkarni Laboratory also offers Food contact testing such as Swab testing, food contact materials such as packaging, kitchen utensils, food processing equipment and materials testing