We have received NABL Accreditation. Starting milk adultration testing. Training process in the field of polymers, adhesives & food testing with the help of MCCIA, Pune & SEF group of MCCIA is in he pipeline.
Paint and Adhesives Testing
I- Mechanical Test on Paint Film:
  1. Hardness of film by pressure test
  2. Flexibility & adhesion
      a.Bend test
      a.Scratch hardness
  3. Impact resistance
  4. Sag Index
  5. Erichson cupping test
  6. Paint film adhesion
  7. Film coating thickness
  8. Shear strength
  9. Bond strength
  10. Pencil Hardness
II- Durability Test:
  1. Resistance to humidity under condition of condensation
  2. Neutral salt spray test
  3. Accelerated weathering test
  4. Environmental test
  5. Resistance to water
  6. Resistance to liquid solvents
  7. Resistance to heat
  8. Resistance to acids / Alkali

Any test as per ASTM, BS & other specifications can be undertaken as per customer requrement