We have received NABL Accreditation. Starting milk adultration testing. Training process in the field of polymers, adhesives & food testing with the help of MCCIA, Pune & SEF group of MCCIA is in he pipeline.

KULKARNI LABORATORY, a rapidly upcoming organization which offers services in analytical testing of various types of materials. KULKARNI LABORATORY is offering fully independent, high quality contract analytical service to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Started by Prakash Kulkarni, who has more then 35 years of experience of various industries and also defense organization.

KULKARNI LABORATORY has provided clients technical Services to meet a wide variety of challenges of testing requirements.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Chemical and Food testing  Laboratory and looking for getting accredited by ISO & NABL in India. We are based in PUNE (Oxford of East) with necessary analytical equipments and professionals with adequate skills. We are committed to develop, innovate, analyze and apply technology for products and processes.

Our thrust areas include chemical testing, food testing, rubber testing, plastics testing, paint testing, adhesives testing, textile testing, industrial oil testing and water testing.

We not only offer quality service, but also help clients to improve process and thus getting better output from there existing process. We also consult clients for ISO/NABL accreditation, process improvements in chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Food Testing:

Important part of our day to day life is to consume food which offers us energy, power to brain and helps us in working efficiently. Currently, most of the IT companies and even manufacturing companies as well, focus on improving efficiency of employee. There daily food habits plays significance role. There is misconception that quality of food with its test. It is also assumed that testy food is good regardless hygiene, method of serving, contamination level. Now a days it is mandatory for companies to do food testing from NABL accredited laboratory.

Kulkarni Laboratory which is NABL accredited laboratory not only do food testing but also guide customers for finding out possible entry level contamination, toxic effects if any, storage processes etc.

In this fast growing economy, every organization is trying to sell products and services without proper testing of hygiene, nutrition values. This is also necessary to introduce this services by HR or Admin in every company, so you can take care of your valuable resources on health front.